Sudol Body Toner Gel Price in Pakistan


Item Form Gel
Quantity 1 Pack
Delivery Time 1-2 Business Days
Shipping Free
Package 2x Rs8,500

Sudol Body Toner Gel Price in Pakistan Take ‘Sudol’ Body Toner Gel Into Each Your Arms As In Step With Requirement. Practice Throughly At The Top Components Of Your Frame Which Are The Signal Of Womanliness.

Sudol Body Toner Gel in Pakistan Rubdown Lightly In Bottom To Pinnacle And Top To Bottom Route In Round Motion. Until The Gel Is Dried Up, For Approximately Five Minute. After Massaging Is Over, Allow The ‘Sudol’ Be In Your Elements, Which You Intend To Make Sudol, For Minimum One Hour. This Era Might Be Extended If You Want So.

For Better Effects Use Frequently For Longer Period.
Consequences Might Also Range From Man Or Woman To Individual.
This Is A Whole Ayurvedic Practise From Uncommon Herbs.

Sudol Body Toner Gel Price in Pakistan is 4500/PKR


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